Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the reason.

It's almost February, and I still haven't updated the blog.
I really want to...I keep telling Heath "I need to work on the blog."
But there is a sweet, little cuddly girl that has other plans every day.
Hadley likes to be close when she sleeps...and I am okay with that.
It gives me time with her. Throughout the day we are chasing trains, 
riding horses, playing ball, etc, but at nap time and bed time we rock.
...and we snuggle in bed. 
I see how fast Mason went from a baby to a little 2 1/2 year old that says
"I'm not a baby, just a boy" :( 
So I am cherishing the moments with Hadley.

Sleeping with Mommy in Tennessee.
My attempt to get on the computer one day...
I haven't been on the computer in weeks other than to pay a bill.

She sticks her little hand out until she touches me.
Still sleeping on mommy.
A picture from a couple days ago...
isn't she pretty with her little earrings?