Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Rutledge-Wilson Farm in Springfield, MO
Mason liked the tractors...
by the end of summer he will 
probably be able to pedal the tractors. 

He had to "drive" every tractor.

Working hard.


I like blogs, social networks, etc. 
I like that I am able to stay in contact with friends and family.
I love seeing pictures of my friends' children growing and changing.
Sometimes blogs & Facebook depict a different image though.
I am not a perfect mom. I am not a perfect wife.
I started this blog for people to see a glimpse of our life since
we live so far away.
I do not want to portray something we are not.
We are the typical family...
husband working, wife barefoot and pregnant, 
2 year old running wild without a diaper screaming "made a mess" 
and the dog is barking...
the dishes are usually in the sink (I don't like dishes).
but we are making the most of it.
we are trying to enjoy and cherish every moment.
We are trying to be the best parents.
I am trying to be the wife Heath needs.
I am learning every day.
Keep up with what we are doing...
but don't take away the idea 
we are perfect...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B is for Bug.

 We made apples for the letter "A,"
but I didn't take pictures that day.
Here is the pictures from our "B is for Bug" activity.
I made the bugs with red and black paper.

I put glue dots on the paper.
...Mason putting the spots on the bug.
Mason sits like this all the time. 
We joke that he is going to be a great catcher.

I thought we would make a simple bug...
then we started working on the head.
Mason informed me that we didn't have eyes, nose, or mouth. 
I will remember that next time!
Our bugs.
(Need: red & black paper, scissors, and glue) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting Trains.

It is obvious that Mason like trains.
"All Aboard" is a common phrase at our house. 
One afternoon, we painted trains. 

Trying out all the different brushes.
Mason's Train.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

brag time.

Our little boy is two years old.
(It's still sinking in)
We went to his 2 year check-up on Friday.
He is 80th percentile for height.
He is 30th percentile for weight.
Mason's doctor was impressed with everything he knew for his age.
He told us Mason was above average.
Mason knows all his body parts...
not just the basic head, eye, ears, but elbows, wrists, ankles, etc.
Mason knows his colors...(red, blue, black, orange, yellow, white, brown, green)
Mason knows his shapes...(circle, triangle, square, oval, star, heart, moon)
Mason knows numbers...we are working on getting the order correct. 
He knows lots and lots of animals (from seals to bees)...with sounds and gestures.
and then he recognizes the letters of the alphabet. 
Most kids know the ABC song, but I wanted the ABC's
to be more than just a I haven't even worked on the song.
Instead I bought foam letters, and we started learning the letters. 
Now Mason picks out the letters...when we are at a red light, 
I will hear C-A-L-P...because
he sees those letters. 

Child development for 2-3 year olds. 
"May become familiar with the A-B-C song and sing it, but without knowing that the letter names recited label individual graphic designs. By the end of this year, some children (20%) recognize and label a few letters, especially the first letter in their own name, and perhaps other letters in their name. By the end of this year, many children (70%) do not know the names of any letters. Also by the end of this year, a few children (10%) know most uppercase letters"

It is exciting to watch Mason learn & grow. 
The doctor's appointment was encouraging to me.
I believe that from birth to two should be focused on hugs, 
kisses, and learning through play...
no pressure to learn. 
Now we are starting learning activities.
Yes, I am bragging on Mason.
We are proud of Mason.

Monday, June 20, 2011

stickers & good girl.

It is amazing how intrigued kids are with stickers.
Mason made "pants" with his stickers.
Fixing his sticker pants.
This is why Maci dog is a good girl.
Mason put stickers all over her...she just laid there like I don't care
what you do, as long as I can lay here.

She was covered from her head to her tail. 
He was excited about his work.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mowing with Daddy.

Mason loves mowers. He has always just 
watched Heath mow the yard, 
but recently he has started helping daddy mow the yard. 
If our neighbors mow, Mason will just stand at a 
window or door and watch.
Mowing with daddy.
Keeping up with daddy, he tried to make
 every move daddy made.
Just sweet...he wants to do everything daddy does.

Running with the mower...that is why the picture is blurry.
Who said mowing wasn't fun? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Mason has been fascinated with Woody's boots.
The past week he started saying he was wearing boots,
even though he wasn't.
He would always point out Woody's boots.
While Mimi was out, we went to get Mason
his very own pair of boots.
We took Woody with us to the store.
We had to make sure the boots matched Woody's boots.
He put a pair of boots on then asked for a hat.
Daddy and Mason trying on boots.
Showing off his hat and boots.
a couple days later.

at first he couldn't figure out how to walk in the boots,
now he is doing tricks.
Being Cute. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

T-ball Star.

We have heard "hit a ball" for a while. 
Mason would pretend anything was a bat, 
including oven mittens.
Heath wanted to get Mason a t-ball set.
We finally found the soft, foam type.
Mason's first attempt.
..and he hit the ball!!
The t-ball set was a big hit for Mason.
Our little all star, at two.
Big swing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mimi's Visit.

Mimi flew out for Mason's Second Birthday.
Mason kept her very busy.
His new phrase for racing...
"On your mark, get set, GO"

Taking a break.

Time for a swim.
"Get in, Pllleeassee"

Wore out from all the activities...I think Mimi fell asleep first!

Friday, June 10, 2011


The Blue's Clue game. 
I think this was Mason's favorite part. 
He kept asking for more clues, 
even after the game was over.
The first pictures are the clues & characters around the yard. 

He saw Blue. 
Mason had his helper, Woody.
Introducing Woody to Blue.
Daddy and Mason putting the clue in the notebook.
Carrying Tickety to the next clue.
Another clue.

The last clue.
Daddy drawing the last clue in the notebook.
We put all the clues together to figure 
out what Mason got for his birthday...
A Workbench!
Mason said "Wow."

He says "bam, bam, bam" while he hammers.
Working with Mommy.

He played with the workbench for a little while...
then said "more clues?" I think he would 
have been just as happy finding clues all day.