Thursday, February 25, 2010

i like to MOVE IT!

I watch Mason crawl, and I can hear the song " I Like to MOVE IT" playing. Mason is a busy little boy these days. We started Kindermusik two weeks ago. This is such a cute program. When Mason hears music, he will move his little body. A friend recommended I try Kindermusik so we attended a free class....and Mason LOVED it. He just smiles and shakes his arms. He is pulling up on everything. I can't wait until my parents get here (16 DAYS!!!!!)....Mason is going to keep them busy! :) I have found so much for Mason to do around here. We are actually trying out a Gymboree class today. Then next week we are going to try out My Gym. (Yes, I think I am more excited than Mason!) My Gym looks awesome...they have a zip line for Mason. How cool is that?! Then after we finish Kindermusik Village, I am hoping to start the Sign & Sing program. I'm enjoying Mason soooo much!

Mason in his "big boy" seat at our table!

My lil stinker :)

Strong Man...(he is fascinated with Heath's pull up bar)

Saying "hi" ...I realized at Kindermusik he was looking at this little girl saying hi.
Everytime he looks in a mirror, he says "hi"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jell-o, Jell-o

We decided to make jell-o just for Mason to make a mess! He loved it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

8 months 2moro!

Our little man will be 8 months old tomorrow. He has changed so much this month. From crawling, pulling up,to Heath hearing Mason say "Mama" on Friday night. He loves to snack on Puffs, Rice cakes, and Yogurt Melts. He had his first ear fun for little man. AND no sleep for Mommy. I'm ready for warm weather so I can take Mason outdoors. Target already has all the fun summer toys out. I think I'm more excited about the new toys!

Hope everyone is doing well! We miss everyone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maci Potty Training Mason?!

Mason loves to follow Maci around. I guess they both need to go outside?!

He melts my heart...

He will just laugh and smile at Maci dog.