Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Hadley.

It's hard to believe in 5 days she will be 9 months old. 
She has defined the meaning of sweet & cuddly.
She just wants to be close to 
her mommy, all day, every day.
She lights up when she sees her daddy.
She can't take her eyes off Mason....
to her there isn't anything like him.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

typical day.

I woke up this morning and decided to take Mason to the Discovery Center in Springfield. We are here for the week so I thought we would find something to do. My plan was to get ready while Hadley played, then when Mason woke up...I would get everyone ready then we would head out. Yeah, that would be too easy. Mason woke up...I finished getting ready while he played with Hadley. I picked Hadley up...felt this warm feeling against me. I thought oh she peed. I laid her down to find she had pooped up her back and it was all over her and me. Great, detour number one. I cleaned her up, and I put her pj's in the wash. Mason was getting tired of waiting (he gets that honest from his daddy).

So now I start getting everyone ready again. Clothes on. Mason is crying because he is "very, very hungry." -I know Mason the plan is to get something on the way, while Hadley takes a little nap- I let Maci dog out. Hadley spits up. Detour number 2. Take off her clothes, clean up the spit up, put new clothes on. Everyone is now ready. I grab my bag, make a bag of snacks, get drinks. Oh, I have to let Maci dog back in....great, she has rolled in something awful. So I put everything down, Hadley in the Jumperoo, and carry her to her cage....she needs a bath, but I don't have time.

Well I have to put Hadley's new car seat in the car....which is really one of Mason's that will turn rear facing. Car seat in...but it wouldn't recline...look for the button, call Heath, ask Siri to look up "how to recline Air Protect Car Seat"...(all while Hadley is crying in the Jumperoo, she is's past time for her first nap). No luck reclining the seat. Now Mason is crying because "sister is too little for his car seat." Luckily, the manual just happen to be laying right in the garage (Thank God.) Get Hadley out of Jumperoo. Put her in the front seat of the car so she could play. Now she is happy. Read the manual. Find out that we are missing the whole bottom to the car seat. Now how could we loose the whole bottom part to the car seat. Uuugh. Take out car seat. Switch the car seats so Mason gets "his car seat" back. (now Mason is giving me the look like I told you sister was too little) We don't need the reclining part if it is forward facing.

Get the other car seat in the car....put Hadley in the car seat...try to adjust the straps, straps won't move, jammed. Take Hadley back out of the car seat. She isn't happy at this point. Mason is telling me he is "ready to go." Fix the straps. Put Hadley back in her car seat. I thought about just staying at home at this point...but I knew Mason would not be happy. Put Mason in his car seat, grab "blink." Run back in the house to grab my drink. Stop to get something to eat (It's 9:30 and this mommy is hungry. If you know me, you know I eat breakfast as soon as I get up). Hadley isn't a sleep yet. Great, I know if she doesn't take a nap she isn't going to be happy at the Discovery Center. So I take the long way, she falls asleep. Find a parking spot downtown. Sit in the car while Hadley takes a nap. Mason is tired of waiting so he starts saying "Hadley wake up...Hadley wake up." She wakes up. I get Mason out. Walk around the car and get Hadley out. Put her in the Baby Bjorn carrier. Walk around the building. Six school buses. Great a school must be here for a field trip. That means big kids running over Mason all day. At this point, we are going in. Walk inside. Wait in line. The lady says that will be "16 dollars"...I kindly say "he is just two." (because 2 and under are free). She replies "oh, his daddy must be tall...he doesn't look two." I said "he doesn't turn two until June 10th"....then Mason holds up three fingers, "NO I'm three." The lady looks at me. I said "he isn't three, he will be three on June 10" Great, now this lady thinks I'm lying so I won't have to pay. We take our receipt and head in.

We enter the 'Wonderland' part. A lady is in there with her baby. "How old is your baby?" I reply, "She is 8 months."  "Oh, my little girl is 7 months....she's chunky." (referring to Hadley) I laugh. "Yeah, she is" Mason plays. He wants to climb all 4 stories of steps, so we do it. We dodge kids. We go back to the 'Wonderland' area. After a couple minutes...Mason says "I'm ready to go back to the car." we leave. It's 11:09. We get in the car, and head back to the house. I need to go to the grocery store...but at this moment, I will pass.