Friday, June 10, 2011


The Blue's Clue game. 
I think this was Mason's favorite part. 
He kept asking for more clues, 
even after the game was over.
The first pictures are the clues & characters around the yard. 

He saw Blue. 
Mason had his helper, Woody.
Introducing Woody to Blue.
Daddy and Mason putting the clue in the notebook.
Carrying Tickety to the next clue.
Another clue.

The last clue.
Daddy drawing the last clue in the notebook.
We put all the clues together to figure 
out what Mason got for his birthday...
A Workbench!
Mason said "Wow."

He says "bam, bam, bam" while he hammers.
Working with Mommy.

He played with the workbench for a little while...
then said "more clues?" I think he would 
have been just as happy finding clues all day. 

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