Sunday, June 26, 2011

brag time.

Our little boy is two years old.
(It's still sinking in)
We went to his 2 year check-up on Friday.
He is 80th percentile for height.
He is 30th percentile for weight.
Mason's doctor was impressed with everything he knew for his age.
He told us Mason was above average.
Mason knows all his body parts...
not just the basic head, eye, ears, but elbows, wrists, ankles, etc.
Mason knows his colors...(red, blue, black, orange, yellow, white, brown, green)
Mason knows his shapes...(circle, triangle, square, oval, star, heart, moon)
Mason knows numbers...we are working on getting the order correct. 
He knows lots and lots of animals (from seals to bees)...with sounds and gestures.
and then he recognizes the letters of the alphabet. 
Most kids know the ABC song, but I wanted the ABC's
to be more than just a I haven't even worked on the song.
Instead I bought foam letters, and we started learning the letters. 
Now Mason picks out the letters...when we are at a red light, 
I will hear C-A-L-P...because
he sees those letters. 

Child development for 2-3 year olds. 
"May become familiar with the A-B-C song and sing it, but without knowing that the letter names recited label individual graphic designs. By the end of this year, some children (20%) recognize and label a few letters, especially the first letter in their own name, and perhaps other letters in their name. By the end of this year, many children (70%) do not know the names of any letters. Also by the end of this year, a few children (10%) know most uppercase letters"

It is exciting to watch Mason learn & grow. 
The doctor's appointment was encouraging to me.
I believe that from birth to two should be focused on hugs, 
kisses, and learning through play...
no pressure to learn. 
Now we are starting learning activities.
Yes, I am bragging on Mason.
We are proud of Mason.

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