Thursday, April 8, 2010


We wanted to start Mason in a Sign Language class tomorrow, but there wasn't anyone else enrolling for that particular day/time. SO now I have to wait until June. I was hoping to start now because they say it takes about 2 months before the actually catch on to the signs. We have been working with him at home. I got books from the library, I just thought a class would give us helpful advice on what to do and not to do. BUMMER! :-/

Here is the class information

Interesting Fact:
Anne Meeker Miller, PhD, is the founder of Baby Sing and Sign (TM), a language and music enrichment program for hearing infants and toddlers. She teaches the Baby Sing and Sign series and seminars at a major medical center in the Kansas City area, where she shares information about the benefits of music, sign language, and play for babies, and gives easy and practical strategies for incoporating all three into families' daily lives.

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