Thursday, April 22, 2010

tour Kansas part 1

I have decided to take a couple blog entries and give everyone of glimpse of Kansas (and to show Mason one day in case we don't always live here). This will just be a glimpse of the area where we live. I know when we were moving to Kansas, I really didn't know what to expect. I thought of Kansas as wide open flat fields. West Kansas is like that, but where we live has rolling hills and trees! I remember when Heath came out here, he was excited to see trees. (We really didn't know anything about Kansas!) I like where we live because it is the best of both way we are a couple minutes from dirt roads and the other way we are around the city (with all kinds of shopping!!).

Anyways, remember to keep all objects inside the bus...and enjoy the tour!
(Leave tips as you exit)

Let's start with the "country" side of Kansas...
There are tons of fields.
Now, these are good clouds...
These on the other hand are not so good...I never thought having a basement would be so GREAT.

and next....

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