Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"Ish Ish Ish"
I hear it all day long.
Mason is crazy about fishes right now.
It started when we received a book called
Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish
from Parents as Teachers.
(and probably all the trips to Cabela's aquarium)
Now he can spot a picture of a fish on anything.
We are reading books about fishes, and
Mason enjoys finding all the fishes throughout the book.
We have read all the Bible stories that include a fish.
While we were in South Dakota,
we decided to buy Mason a couple of goldfish.
He enjoyed looking at the "ish."
We really just don't have the time to take care of fish since
 we are going back and forth to SD.
 I have been trying to think of ways Mason can see fish.
I took Mason to Petco so we could at the fish there.
He was so excited to see all the fish.
I bet everyone could hear him screaming "ish ish ish"
Mason also looked at the other animals.
Here Mason is kissing the ferret.
We are planning to go to Cabela's to check out the big fish,
and maybe a trip to Cheddars...they do have fish in an aquarium!

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