Saturday, November 27, 2010

no pictures?

I looked at my camera after Thanksgiving to realize I hadn't taken any pictures since Halloween.
I didn't even take a picture on Thanksgiving. 
Oh no, what's wrong? Yes, I have pictures (and videos) on my phone.
BUT no pictures on the camera.
This hasn't happened since Mason was born.
Then I was watching Mason run, and yes I mean run through the house.
I realized I hadn't been taking as many pictures. I haven't even thought about taking pictures.
 I have been too busy chasing Mason. I have been busy throwing a ball.
I have been busy cleaning up his many messes.
I have been laying around with him on the couch reading books.
I have been laughing at all the crazy things he does, daily.
I have been building tents with blankets.
I have been busy trying to journal all the funny, cute moments.
 AND I couldn't be any happier.
Yes, I still love to take pictures of my little man.
It has been nice to set the camera down and capture memories in my heart.
I will be posting pictures soon, if I can catch him :)

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