Monday, January 3, 2011


It has been a crazy two weeks. We had a good Christmas. My mom and dad (Papaw and Mema) came out right before Christmas, and they spent Christmas with us. I decided to ride back to Tennessee with mom and dad. So Monday morning we dropped Heath off at the airport, and we started our 13 hour drive to TN. Mason did wonderful on the long drive. He even slept really good his first night in TN. Then the fun started....the vomiting. In just two hours the little guy was beginning to dehydrate so off to the Children's ER. Mason had an IV with fluids and meds at the hospital. Six hours later we leave. Wednesday, Mason wasn't doing any better. It took my mom, my dad, and me to just keep everything cleaned up. Wednesday night we headed back to the ER. (One of the nurses said he had never seen a child Mason's age throw up so much) Mason was admitted to the hospital....the doctors wanted him to get plenty of fluids and rest. Heath came to Tennessee because Mason was so sick. It has been a long week. Today, was the first day Mason hasn't thrown up! WoOoHoO. The little guy is still not his usual self. I am sure it is going to take a couple days for Mason to be our wild man again. It is helpless feeling watching your child sick, crying...just looking at you with the "why don't you help me" eyes.

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