Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yes, I have been a slacker with blogging.
It's ok though, I have been spending my time sleeping.
I admit it.
I have been taking naps and going to bed by 9:30 most nights.
My body needs the rest right now, and
I know that there is going to be a lot of sleepless nights in my future.
So I'm stocking up on sleep right now.
Plus, we have been hit with a couple snow storms, including a blizzard.
I have spent many days running to the store to stock up and preparing for all the "what ifs"
We have spent days in the house, so I should be caught up on a blogging and pictures.
Instead a nap is so much better when it's 2 degrees outside with -20 wind chill...
We are surviving all the crazy snow storms,
and I appreciate everyone calling to check on us.
It means a lot to know you are thinking about us many, many miles away.
Mason and I have been doing other activities like painting, reading, coloring, 
and baking (I made my first apple bread...Yum!)
Heath and Maci Dog are probably freezing in SD.
Heath is counting down the days until his Grand Opening for Kohl's!

Keep checking the blog, we will get back in routine soon.

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