Monday, March 21, 2011


Parents as Teachers, a program through our school system, 
has playgroups for babies through age three. I enjoy taking Mason because he gets to 
play with other kids....then the kids listen to a story...then they play with different learning centers.
There are usually three playgroups a month.

Mason liked playing with the workbench.
Working and talking on the phone...
who does this remind you of?
Then he did a little shopping...
(he kept the phone with him, he didn't want to miss a call)
A little girl was playing with this toy...
Mason flipped it over and started drilling.
I think he was showing off for her... 
Then it was snack time. I took this picture because 
Mason was the only kid that sat down and enjoyed a snack.
He just sat there so peaceful while all the other kids ran around. 

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