Monday, May 2, 2011

Mason's Easter Party.

On our last night, we had a little Easter Party for Mason. 
Since we don't get to 
celebrate a lot of holidays with all the family we decided 
to do something while we were in. 
We had hotdogs, cupcakes, and eggs (to hunt of course).
Mason playing with his new choo choo. 
Mason opening another train! He loves trains.
Waiting on daddy to put the train together.
Cupcake time.
Looking for Easter Eggs. Every time Mason found an egg, 
he screamed "EGG!!"
"See it"
Heath carrying the eggs.
Mason's buddy, Emily. Mason made Emily do all the work.
Mason would just pointt to the egg, and wait for Emily to pick it up.
Miss Leah. This was their second 
year finding Easter eggs together.
On a mission.
Mason decided to take the eggs that Leah found. 
Playing with the trains.
Mason marching.
Such a fun evening!

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Marilyn said...

Brandi...I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Hopefully, Heath and Mason treated you like a Queen today. I am so proud of you and admire your strength and commitment to your family. May God continue to bless each of one you. You are in my prayers. Keep in touch....

Love, Marilyn