Monday, May 30, 2011

Zoo & Train Ride

Memaw came to see us over Memorial Day Weekend.
She had a great trip with nice weather.
Mason just giggled when he saw Memaw 
getting in the car at the airport.
He offered her his "blink" (the blankie).
Saturday morning we went to the Dickerson Park Zoo.
Looking at the Fish
Running to smell the flowers.

Petting the goats.

"Ready, Set, GO"
Then they take off running.
Memaw and Mason...after she had to chase him down.
Our Sweet Boy.
Feeding a giraffe. Mommy was just as excited about 
feeding the giraffes as Mason.
He fed the giraffes all four wafers, then wanted to feed the giraffes more.
You had to watch out because the giraffes would lick you.
Isn't it cute?

Then we went to the snakes...and Mason really likes snakes.
Jumping on a snake.
Mason is winning.

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