Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a lil Snow!!

Well I made it a whole week with just Mason and Maci.
Heath went deer hunting in IL. No luck though.
Hopefully, he will get a big ole buck in Kansas.
Mason was very good while Heath was gone.
He has a cough and a little stuffy nose.
BUT the weather is crazy here....it was just in the
70s, but today we woke up to SNOW! It wasn't a lot, but
it was enough to make the ground white.
We are on the hunt for another place to live. It's a
little complicated/crazy right now...Heath will be working on
a project in Springfield, MO...the Wonders of Wildlife Museum for
the Bass Pro Shops for a year. SO it will be just me and Mason in Kansas.
We are looking for something so we can SAVE, SAVE money.
My parents will be here Saturday!!!!
They are spending Thanksgiving with us. Can you tell
we are just a little excited? :)

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