Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

....yes, I am having a lazy Sunday. I should be studying or cleaning....BUT it's kinda nice just to have a lazy day. The weather is just beautiful! I could handle this weather all winter long. Heath is deer hunting in IL. Hopefully, he will have good luck. Maci is being my guard dog. She barks at every little noise when Heath isn't here.

Mason found his thumb. He is just amazed. He is starting to play on the Jumperoo. (I will post videos soon) I can't believe how fast babies grow and change. He is sleeping thru the night! WoOoHoO! He really wants to crawl, just hasn't figured it out yet....and he will be five months old in a couple of days. Just crazy.

My parents are coming out for Thanksgiving. I am so excited. :)

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