Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guard Dog...BE AWARE!

Last week, Heath went to IL....which left Maci as my guard dog (or so she thinks). It just amazes me how she knows Heath isn't home, and she acts completely different. She listens for every noise, she follows EVERY step I take, and she doesn't sleep during the day. If Heath is here, you can find her sleeping on the couch or sometimes she sneaks upstairs to sleep in our bed. She was glad to see Heath get she could go back to sleeping all day.....oh, and don't underestimate her size....furious like a lion!haha

Protecting Me....she has to lay on top of me

Just a little power nap.

I was laying in the bed talking on the phone, and Maci is watching down the hall...just making sure.

Laying on my lap....looking out the front door..

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