Wednesday, December 2, 2009

....we are still here....

First a few pictures to show what's been going on....

Mason's first pair of boots.

Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving! My parents came out for a week...we had a really good time, but it goes by SOOO fast! Heath and I went to see two movies while my parents were was our first time out since Mason was born! It was good for the two of us just to get out, so many couples do not spend time alone after kids....VERY IMPORTANT! Mason had a little bug. He is feeling a lot better now, but he looked pitiful for a couple of days. Our dog had a play buddy (my parents' dog)....they were so funny to watch. I took Mason to have his pictures made today, but I'm realizing I can do better pictures. Most retail photographers just try to snap a few pictures to get done...I wish I could find a really good local photographer while he is little. Once he gets older I can take all his pictures. I will need someone who can do family pictures though. Check out the videos below:

Mason got a couple early Christmas gifts while my parents were out...the first video is of a early Christmas gift (WARNING: there is a mean dog in the video hahaha)

Mason laughing at his daddy.

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