Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We are crazy busy right now....not with the usual Christmas rush. We are moving this week...we have to have everything done by the time we leave for TN next week. It is hard to move when the temperature is in the teens! I took Mason for his six month check up today. He was a trooper with the shots. Then I went to Bass Pro to get his picture made with Santa, but Santa wasn't there until 4. So maybe tomorrow. I did find Mason some CUTE, CUTE stuff. I bought him a moose outfit. Yep, that's right a moose outfit....which includes the antlers, a small tail, and the feet!haha I will post pictures soon....I'm realizing how much fun a little boy is going to be as I look at all the toys. He will probably say that camo is his favorite color! ah, I love that little boy :)

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