Friday, January 15, 2010

Freezing Fog?!

Yes, Freezing Fog! and I have to say that it is very pretty....I have never seen it until today. I'm hoping it will still be around in the morning so I can get some pictures. It is so cold that the fog actually freezes to trees. All the trees look like someone stayed up all night painting them with sparkling white kinda clear paint. I know very hard to describe, HOPEFULLY I can take pictures in the morning. The Carter's outlet is having the Super Duper is great! All Clearance is an extra 20% off...I bought Mason pj's up to 2t. Mason is still trying so hard to crawl..he can move will be any minute now. I'm still sorting all the pictures from Christmas, so I will post soon. (REMEMBER: COMMENTS ARE GREAT....Leave comments....even if you don't have an account on here...I want to know people actually are reading)

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