Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night, Mason crawled to his paci, put it in his mouth, then crawled over to a toy...ah, how great! Now he can get his own paci!!! When he is crawling, he looks around for Maci dog...she doesn't know what is getting ready to happen...He will be chasing her around everywhere. He is starting to become a little pig...for lunch he ate a container of apples, carrots, and 7 ounces of formula. On the other hand, Maci dog has a double ear infection...yes, that's right our dog does. She has been flipping and scratching her ears for the past few days, so I took her to the vet this morning. Mason sleeps thru the Maci dog is keeping us up! Still no news about Springfield for Heath. I just started online classes...let's see if I can manage with Mason.

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