Wednesday, March 10, 2010


People say that your children grow up fast...
and the past 9 months have already flown by.
It just doesn't seem that we should be thinking about
Mason's First Birthday soon! AHH!

Update on Mason Man
-18lbs 14ounces
-He is loving finger foods.
-He can clap.
-He will "bounce" his body when he hears music.
-He will pull up on anything...including the dog.
-He is a busy, busy boy. The doctor asked if he was always that busy. I said Yep, ALWAYS.
-He would take a bath all day long, if we would let him.
-When Heath or I put him in his crib, he just rolls over and is out. (within 2 mins)
-He can make a fish face.
-And, he is starting to stick out his tongue every time he smiles.
-He likes to play on my iPhone (there are games on the iPhone for him,
like a piano when he touches the screen it plays music)
-he is starting to not like the car seat or anything that holds him down
-diaper changing is really fun right usually takes me & Heath
-and most of all, he LOVES his mommy

 We are coming to TN for Easter. So we hope to see you! :)

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