Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday, I realized how much stuff I have to do before we go to TN. I kept thinking I had two weeks....but nope only one! Time goes by soooo fast. I took Maci this morning to get her hair cut, she really needed it. Tonight, we are doing family pictures. We have only had family pictures made once, and they were not great. So we are going to try it again. I have to finish all my school assignments before we come in. (Yikes!) Then get EVERYTHING ready to come in...which this flight should be interesting since Mason does not want to sit still for 2 seconds. It wears us out just trying to get ready to come COME SEE US!! Mason has been sleeping 12 to 13 hours at night...for the last couple of nights....but now he doesn't want to take a nap...I don't know if I like this. Today is my dad's birthday and Heath's Nana's birthday....Happy Birthday! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD/ PAPAW! We wish we could spend it with you!
"I want what you are eating"
Mason is making his list....(it's a Maserati)
Maci helping me studying....thanks, for your help.
He loves Maci dog.

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