Thursday, October 7, 2010

Arrowhead Park.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has a lot of parks.
There are several within 5 minutes of Heath's apartment.
Heath took Mason to Arrowhead Park to feed the ducks and geese while I studied.
Heath told me it would be a great place to take pictures, and he was right.
We planned on taking Mason there in his Pirate costume...
but the weather went from 70s to the 30s.
So we just stopped by the park for a few minutes to take a couple pictures...
because we all know that I need more pictures of Mason :)
 Mason's way of calling for Maci dog is clapping while jabbering.
So Mason thought he would tell the ducks
and geese to come here the same way.
 Saturday Evening at Arrowhead Park.

 Being Cute.
 My two guys.
 Just watching the ducks and geese.

 Mason was letting me hold his hand.

 Pointing to the geese


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