Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the arrival.

I was scheduled to be induced on August 30...which made me 39 weeks.
I didn't think I would make it, but everyone kept their fingers crossed. 
I just did not want to go in labor in Springfield for numerous reasons. 
Since Heath had to work Monday (August 29th)...I stayed in Springfield with him,
and my parents & Heath's mom met us in Springfield. 
Tuesday morning around 4 am, we (Heath, Mimi, and me) headed to Kansas.
Papaw and Memaw waited till around 6 to leave so Mason could sleep.
We arrived at the hospital right before 7 am. I filled out all my paperwork, and 
was put in a room. 
After getting the IV's hooked up, the doctor came in about 8:10 to 
check me and break my water.
I was dilated 4 cm...but I hadn't felt a contraction.
Even though the nurse said I was having contractions.
Since my first labor & delivery was only 3-4 hours,
the doctor informed me to take the epidural now if I 
planned on it.
I started the pitocin.
And my nurse contacted the anesthesiologist...
in a couple minutes I was getting an epidural.
Around that time I started feeling the contractions...
I went from not feeling any contractions to strong contractions.
...the bad part the epidural wasn't working....and the pitocin was.
With pitocin I don't have time to go from contractions every now and then...then
contractions getting closer...the contractions just hit me all at once.
The anesthesiologist comes back in to check on my epidural.
He decides to just start over instead of trying to "fix" the one I had.
He does a spinal epidural...which is different than the first one.
(all this is less than a 30 minute period)
After he leaves, the nurses decides to check me.
I am 10 cm!
Heath asked her why the first epidural didn't work...
and I quote what she said "because she is going like a bat out of hell"
She leaves to call the doctor in.
Doctor has time to prep...
the nurse tells me to try to push just to make sure I can.
The doctor is ready...two pushes...
and Miss Hadley is here at 9:55 AM.
She weighed 7lbs 8 ounces.
She was 18 inches.
...and she hardly made a cry
(unlike brother who screamed & screamed!)
I don't think we had time to blink before Little Miss arrived...
the morning went by so fast, I think we were all amazed.
 My Wonderful Doctor and Miss Hadley.
 Holding my sweet little girl.
 Daddy and Miss Hadley.

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