Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Miss.

It is hard to believe that I am 38 weeks today!
In one week (at the latest) we will be holding our 
sweet baby girl. 
I am feeling fine...other than the typical pregnancy stuff...
my energy is limited, the heartburn starts at night, and I am up
peeing every couple hours...but other than that I really
can't complain. 
On August 11th, I was 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced.
On August 18th, I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced.
I go back to the doctor on Thursday for my last appointment,
so I am curious to see if I am progressing more.
Around 37 weeks.
 38 weeks.

 The Beautiful Bedding.
 Listening to Baby Sister.
 Trying out Baby Sister's Bed.

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