Monday, August 15, 2011

Gone fishin'

Heath found a small lake that was close to us in Springfield.
We drove around the lake Saturday night to see what it was like.
Sunday afternoon, Heath took Mason to the store to pick out his own fishing pole,
and he was excited about fishing.

Then Sunday night we took chicken, fishing poles, and a Maci dog
back to the lake.
I was still unloading the truck...
then Heath yelled "Bring the Camera."
Mason had already caught his first fish on his new fishing pole.
Mason was determined to bring me the fish...
so he did not want to take a picture.
Mason loved reeling the line back.
The fish had to be real quick to catch his worm!

Another attempt at a picture with his fish.
The little fish would swim up close to the edge.
We threw bread in so Mason could watch the fish.
Big Throw.

Time for Maci Dog's big swim.
Mason thought this was funny!
Our wet rat....all you could see was 
her head and tail.
Besides fishing, 
Mason liked climbing on all the rocks and
throwing rocks in the water.

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