Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 Months!

Mason is 11 months...as of yesterday! (5-10-10)
A few updates...
He is WALKING. It is so cute to watch his little wobbly legs.
He will flop down then stand back up and start walking again.
He is a climber.
He will eat anything.
He can say mama, bye, ball, and hi. We think gaga is for dada right now. (haha)
He did his first sign a few nights ago...it was for Milk.
His favorite toys are balls, the little Tonka trucks (He will push them around while going guuuuuguuuuuu that is vroom in baby talk!), and anything he can push.
He likes books.
He "bounces" when he hears music or mommy singing.
He has six teeth. (bottom two, top four) He might be working on some more.
He is almost one.

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