Thursday, May 6, 2010


I take Mason to his classes during the day, and I'm always telling Heath about the fun stuff Mason does. There is a Tuesday evening class that starts at 5:45 so Heath got off work and met us there. I'm so glad we went that night because Mason took HIS FIRST STEPS! I wasn't expecting Mason to walk soon. He loves to crawl...and is super fast at crawling. He doesn't want you to hold his hands and walk with him. So I didn't think he would have any interest in walking right now. BUT I was wrong. He was standing during class, and the next thing we knew he was taking steps. Since then he is going more and more. He can stand from a sitting position. Then he can go about 6 or 7 good steps before squatting...then standing back to take a couple more before flopping down on his butt. It is exciting, but sad...the more things he learns and does makes him less of a "baby" I'm going to miss this stage soooo much. I can't believe Mason is going to be ONE next month...well before I start crying! is a quick video of Mason walking the other night.

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