Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today was the last class for this semester of Kindermusik Village. It is such a cute program, and I would recommend it to anyone with children. I think classes like this are a great way for a child to interact and watch other children. I also want Mason to realize different environnments can provide different learning opportunities. There are at home materials so one can continue the learning experience. While I am driving, Mason and I sing along to the various songs. I wanted to continue throughout the summer, but we are going to be out of town so I would miss the majority of classes. I'm hoping to take the Sing & Sign class the next time it is offered though. Thanks, Miranda for making this such a GREAT class.

In a Kindermusik Village class, we take those special bonding moments between you and your baby and add in a unique blend of musical learning activities that stimulate and engage all of the senses. Your educator will teach you how to encourage your baby’s learning through vocal play, object exploration, instruments, and creative movement.

http://www.kindermusik.com/ or http://www.injoymusic.com/ (for my local Kindermusik)

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