Sunday, May 9, 2010

FIRST Mother's Day.

Blown Away.
This is my first mother's day...yes, technically I was a mother being pregnant last mother's day,
but I still think of this as my First Mother's Day with Mason.
Sometimes the thought...what did I do before I had him...
crosses my mind..
and I don't know...
because this little guy has changed my life forever.
So far..
Motherhood has been rewarding and challenging...
just because
my views have changed soo much.
 I realize everything I do will be for my son
 (possibly my other children day)
Sometimes, I do get discouraged after being up
all night with fussy baby
or reading what other "super moms" are doing or
how I'm going  to finish school or
how we are going to support Mason
 financially through everything...
but then Mason crawls down the hall saying
and I can't help but smile.
I don't express it enough...
but I am SOOOO glad God gave me the
opportunity to be a mother.
I wouldn't trade it for anything...not for a moment.
I am not close to being a perfect mom,
I am learning everyday...
but I'm trying.
 I get so upset
(ask my husband about my soapbox spills!)
when thinking about other mother's not caring for their children
or trying to make the most out of their child's life.
This mother's day I want to challenge all
mothers that are reading this...
What is your goal as a mother?
Are you spending time with your children?
Are YOU teaching your child/children?
and what are you teaching them?
Mothers can have TREMENDOUS impact on
their children's life....
What impact will you have
on your child/children?

Then...Thank God for your child/children and for your Mother.

Lastly, Tell your Mom that you appreciate all her hard work...worrying...caring...
understanding...prayers...and most of all for loving you through everything.

Mason, I love you...forever.
Mom, I could never express how
thankful I am to have you
 as my mother and Mason's memaw now.
I hope I can be as great of a mother to
Mason as you were me!
We love you.
Thank you.
Teresa, I am so glad you are my mother in law!
You have been an
amazing mom to Heath...
and I am excited about
having two great role models as mothers 
in my life as I raise Mason.
Thank you for everything.
We love you.


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