Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just an Update.

Just an update on Mason, Heath and me....
Mason is running around everywhere.
He loves to go to Cabelas.
There is a free aquarium to walk through and lots of animals to see.
He likes to ride on his pony.
He is starting to carry a blanket around (its brown with a little monkey)
He eats a TON of fruit...just last week he ate strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, and peaches. (all fresh fruit)
He can walk backwards.
He can spin around.
He had his first accident...he fell on our concrete driveway...
I think I cried more, it didn't seem to bother him. It looked horrible though!
He still loves to take baths.
He plays with Maci dog, and just laughs.
You can tell him to go get a book, and he will bring you one.
"Bye Bye" is his new phrase.
He is getting his molars at the moment.
Now for Heath...
Heath is super busy.
He is getting ready to go to South Dakota to start on a new project.
He is great with Mason....sliding down slides and reading books to Mason.
He can't find anyone to cut his hair right.
He is still looking for deer in the evening, and still gets excited every time he sees one :)
Now for Brandi (me)...
I just made my first blueberry pie! I get excited about cooking.
I am busy with Mason and trying to save us money every way possible.
I am starting classes at the end of August, hoepfully I will finish one day.
I am just trying to take care of my guys. Oh, and I finally colored my hair.
Oh and Maci dog...
She is getting smarter....She wants to sleep in our bed soooo bad. (She sleeps in a cage, we only let her sleep with us every now and then) Well she use to hide under the bed and wait for us to lay down....then jump in the bed hoping we wouldn't get up to put her in the cage....
Then she started waiting until we were in bed for a couple minutes....
Now she has figured out to wait until we stop talking.
It is so funny, we stop talking...then a minute later Maci dog jumps in our bed.
...and we still put her in her cage.

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