Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roadtrip to MO Part 2

Mason loves his own crib. We found this out during our trip. He didn't sleep well in the pack n play. He wouldn't even fall asleep with us. He would take cat naps in the car. Then we get back to our house, and Mason takes a nap for 3 hours in his crib...and so did mommy & daddy in our own bed.
Table Rock Lake
Momma Turkey and babies.
Someone is tired from being up most of the night...
We wanted to eat at Lambert's....but there was probably 100 people just waiting outside. Mason definitely wouldn't last that long...he would be ready to go. So maybe next time.
Cleaning the Luggage with a wet wipe.

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Anonymous said...

Mason is so cute. I enjoy seeing him enjoy life and you enjoying him. I am very impressed with you as parents. You are providing him with so many experiences and learning opportunities.

Aunt Anne