Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Boys Love...

Mud Puddles!
We took a walk in between the rain. It has been a rainy Fourth of July for us. Mason was pushing his lion....then he spotted something. Heath and I stood back to watch as Mason wondered over then began stomping in the mud puddles. As I stood there watching, I couldn't help but notice Mason is really starting to look more like a little boy. While I am exctied about all the upcoming years and new adventures. I can't help but feel a tug of sadness at my heart. I told Heath, Mason just doesn't look like a baby anymore. (Although, he will always be my first baby!) It makes me stop and think how fast it is going by. I think about everything Mason has taught us this past year....As I watched him play in the water, I thought how we really need to take time and just stomp in mud enjoy the simple things in life. Mason will never know how much he has taught us, and how much we love him. Thanks, Mason for teaching us to just stop and enjoy what is around us....take time in every moment for that moment may not be there tomorrow (just like the mud puddle)...and for putting a smile on our face even on the rainy days!
Our little baby boy.
Daddy really enjoys the toys more.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! It's good to just let him be a boy. Love Auntie