Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes, Woody from Toy Story. 
Mason has watched this movie just a couple times, 
but Woody caught Mason's attention. Mason was 
playing at our neighbor's house, and he found a Woody doll.
Mason just carried around Woody, just observing every little detail.
When I decided that the Paci was going "bye bye," I knew 
Woody would be our helper. 
We headed to Target to purchase Mason his own Woody doll.
We found one that Mason could take the hat off and on. 
Mason with Woody.
However, Woody didn't survive past lunch. I tried to fix Woody,
but his head would not stay on. Mason kept saying "uh oh head."
Saturday morning, we went to get Mason a plush Woody doll.
We thought it would last longer. We went to the Disney store in the Mall.
No Woody. In fact, you had to be on a waiting list for Woody. (Not good, 
when you are taking the PACI!) So we went to a different Target, no 
plush Woody...only Jessie and Buzz. A little panic started to set in. We traded 
Woody for the Paci and now we didn't have Woody. We went to Toys R Us.
First aisle of Toy Story Woody. Seriously, I was starting to
 think of a way to make Woody. Then I saw Woody. YES!
 Then I saw the price tag, gulp. We did decide to get Woody, and let me 
just say it was worth every penny. Mason has went to bed 
for every nap and every night with Woody since we purchased Woody...
one week and 2 days ago.
(We took the Paci Friday April 1st)
He will randomly ask for "My Paci" but we just keep saying it went bye bye. 
Mason has done really well without the Paci. I was worried about 
taking it (the reason I kept putting it off.) It is nice to be Paci free though! 

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