Thursday, April 28, 2011

time flies.

I just noticed it has been almost two weeks since my last post. Time goes by so fast. We have been busy these past couple of weeks. We spend most of our time outside enjoying the warmer weather. Then we had a trip to Tennessee. We really enjoyed this trip to Tennessee, no sickness like last time. The weather was great so Mason was able to run around outside....showing off all his little moves and all his energy. We went to the zoo and had a little party with family and friends for coming soon! We came back from our trip, and Heath had to go to Springfield for a few days...and I end up sick. No fun, especially when I had 100 things to do this week. Heath is moving to Springfield this weekend to start another project, so we had lots of packing to do. We are going to go down with Heath for a little while, so internet will be limited for me while there....(another reason I will be behind with blogging). We hope to spend lots of time in Springfield this summer....finding all the activities Mason can enjoy. So keep checking back for all the pictures of our adventures! :)

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