Monday, April 4, 2011

enjoy every moment...

Sometimes it is hard to get caught up in getting everything done or just trying to keep up with an active little boy. It is easy to miss some of the "I just need to take in this moment" moments. I decided on Friday, we were taking "The Paci" this weekend. I was fine with Mason keeping the Paci until later, but it was starting to become more of a hassle than a helper. Mason had been waking up when his paci fell out of the crib, no fun. I was trying to get motivated to take the paci away, so I checked the Farmer's Almanac...April 1 and 2 was the best days to wean. Perfect. I was not looking forward to bedtime....but nap time went pretty well without the paci. (I will do another post on what we traded the paci for) Mason went to bed pretty easy that night, but around 10:30 I heard him crying. After trying to get him settled down, I just decided to get him out of the crib (something I try really hard not to do during the night). Mason and I curled up in the rocking chair and within a couple minutes, he was asleep. I didn't know how long I would be up that night, but I was okay with it....because Mason is not the hold me type. I looked down and saw this little head laying on my chest and his legs dangling past my knees...I couldn't help but smile as I continued to rock. At that moment, it didn't matter that dishes were still in the sink, Mason didn't have a bath that day, or we had lots of stuff to do the next day and I probably wasn't getting any sleep that night. Mason is on the countdown to his second birthday...two years have already flown by and I am sure time will continue to go by fast. Before we know it our first little boy will be all grown up. Sometimes, we have to have those moments to remember what is day I will look back and remember the first night without the paci, holding Mason as he slept. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything. It was a reminder to enjoy every moment.

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