Tuesday, April 5, 2011

no camera.

Heath needed to go to his office downtown this weekend.  Heath mentioned taking Mason to see the trains at Union Station. So Sunday we decided to take Mason. Union Station has a large room with different train exhibits set up and a bridge outside to watch actual trains go by. Mason was excited to see the choo choos. He starting watching the different trains. He was excited so he starting say "more" while still doing the sign for more. I quickly grabbed the camera...tried to take a picture...nothing. I looked down at the camera, the on switch was selected and the lens cover was removed. I tried to take another picture, nothing. Battery was dead. I reached for my cellphone, I couldn't find it...then I remembered it was charging in the car. So here we were in Union Station (a beautiful building for pictures) looking at trains with one excited little boy...and no camera and one bummed mom. I love to take pictures of everything Mason does...(which is good until you have to print all of them and you are months behind) Mason did enjoy looking around though...and then we walked across to Crowne Center (another place with restaurants, shops, and kid exhibits) Although we don't have any pictures to show, we did have a nice trip downtown...and I am thinking about purchasing an extra battery! :) 

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