Monday, August 23, 2010

are you there?

Yes, we are still has been a busy, busy week! I have lots to I just have to find some time to post everything. In a nut shell, Mason got to see his great grandpa, Vernon (pictures coming). We went to South Dakota for a week. I was sick the first night in South Dakota. Then Mason got his second ear infection, and he is still dealing with it. Poor guy. I am in a contest to see how many days I can go without sleep. (haha, I am not actually in a contest, but I think I might win if there was one...the drink Coke is my new best friend at the moment.) I started classes today...and I am already up to my eyeballs in reading and papers. YES, on the first day. Heath is crazy busy at work...overnight he had 50 emails and at the worst time, his phone messes up! So I will get back to posting, in a few days...but at the moment those few minutes at night will go towards my sleep! :)

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