Sunday, August 29, 2010


We started classes back at My Gym this week. I just love, love My Gym. Mason is now in the "Waddlers" Class....which is for 14-22 months. He was in the Tiny Tykes class. It is kind of sad when they change classes, it is a reminder he is growing up. We are enrolled in the Wednesday morning class, then there are three free plays that we can attend each week.

In class, Mason climbed up on this platform (made out of plastic) that has rails on both sides...There is music playing while the "waddlers" picture this-Mason standing on this platform dancing for the whole wasn't just the normal dancing...this included head banging...which he could hardly "head bang" for laughing. Then he would stomp on the plastic platform. It was the funniest dance show...that had everyone laughing. (I am going to start taking my phone into his class, so I can capture moments like this!) He is so funny.

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