Wednesday, August 11, 2010

boys will be boys.

Mason is showing me how 'boys will be boys'...and sometimes I can't help but laugh. He is "Mr. I can do it by myself"....then he finds steps to climb down and will reach for your hand. BUT as soon as he gets to the last step, he doesn't need your hand anymore. He is always on the go. If he thinks there might be a possibility that he can fit in something (like a toy or between the table & chair) he will try it. He has figured out that if he leans his head over, spit will slowly fall out of his mouth. He has figured out how to take his diaper off, so we have to keep shorts or pants on him. Yesterday, he took his diaper off...I stepped around the corner to grab shorts...and in two seconds, he pooped in the floor....and he had the biggest smile on his face when I looked at him. (Any other time, it takes him 10 minutes to poop....but not this time.) He tries to run from you, if you have a diaper in your hand. I like that he has to check out every small piece on the toys, like screws, knobs, wheels, etc. He got his second 'booboo' the other night, running after a basketball. (I know he will have many 'booboo's but it still hurts me) ....but he is the sweetest boy, as he crawls in my lap and giggles when I try to kiss him. Ah, how I love being the mom to this little boy.

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