Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NICU Reunion.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Mason's NICU Reunion. Mason was in the NICU for two nights. Mason was born at 35 weeks, 5 days...so basically a month early. The doctors wanted to make sure Mason could keep his temperature up on his own, was eating good, no breathing problems, and wanted to check for jaundice. Mason did great. Even though he was only 5lbs 4 oz, he didn't have any problems...and we are very thankful for that! The NICU Reunion was really neat. I didn't really know what to expect. There were "graduates for the NICU" from 2007-2010.
The NICU nurses attended this event. There were several different areas: a snack area, a face painting area, My Gym that we attended had an area, a scrapbook area, game area, and some information areas.
Mason saw his teacher Miss Morgan from My Gym....then he started playing.
He loves this drum. He thinks it is a teether.
Hand Stand with Miss Morgan.
She is one of the reasons Mason loves to flip, climb, and do all these tricks.
She works great with Mason in his class.
Hand Stand with Daddy.
I received an email from a lady that helps set up this event. She wanted a picture of Mason for decorations. I emailed 4 or 5 pictures and told her to just pick which ones she wanted to use. I didn't know what kinds of pictures she wanted. Well, we saw one table with Mason's picture....then another table...then another table. He was the center of FOUR tables!
Here is a couple of the centerpieces.
They asked us to bring a couple pictures for a scrapbook. They wanted "Then and Now" Photos. The scrapbook will be in the NICU department to bring encouragement to other families in the NICU.
Here is Mason's page that I made.
It was a great event, and I am glad we went!

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