Friday, September 10, 2010

15 Months?!

15 Months...Already.
-Mason is wearing size 4 diapers.
-He had his second ear infection.
-He visited South Dakota and Iowa for the first time.
-He likes to "push" his toys.
-He pretend talks on a old cellphone.
-He still enjoys taking a bath.
-He can sign milk, more, eat, book, and all done.
-He can find his belly and nose.
-He is fruit eating machine.
-He thinks he is big stuff when I hold him up to flip the light switch.
-He can dance.
-He likes to watch the neighborhood kids play.
-He flew to Tennessee again to see family and friends.
-He had three visitors this month...Pop, Papaw, and Memaw.
-He runs when he sees a diaper....and laughs when you try to catch him.
-He is so funny.
-He went to Toddler Time at Bonner Spings Aquatic Park.
-He played on inflatables with Daddy & Mommy at Play, Bounce & Jump
-He went to the fair...a baby calf licked his arm.
-He slept in the big bed with mommy one night.
-He loves, loves, loves his pacis. Yes, pacis....he usually has a couple pacis near him at all times.
-He can jump.
-He likes to play peek a boo....he covers his eyes with his hands.
-We started classes at My Gym again.
-and he is still mommy's boy :)

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