Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy, Papaw, & Memaw.

Papaw and Memaw came to visit over Labor Day Weekend. Of course, Mason had to show off. It is like he has extra energy to show off for the grandparents...he tries to go all day without a nap, he doesn't want to miss a second. Daddy also came in for the weekend, and we have missed him! Mason was happy to see his daddy. I can't believe that I am getting ready to say this...the girl who always tries to capture every moment...didn't even take many pictures this weekend. We had a fun weekend though. Papaw and Memaw arrived late Thursday night, and Mason had to stay up a little late to show off. He loves to bounce on the bed with Papaw. Friday, we played around the house with Mason. Then we went to Zona Rosa to get Mason some Fall/Winter shoes. Then we met Heath at Red Lobster. Saturday, everyone spend most of the day playing with Mason (who loves all the attention), went to Cabela's (of course) and Legends...and ate at Five Guys (yum!)...Sunday, we went to Schlitterbahn...which didn't turn out so great because the water was freezing. The wind was blowing, but at least the tickets were free. Then Monday, we just tried to enjoy the last day with Daddy...and get Mason ready for his flight to TN.

We survived the flight to Tennessee. Mason just doesn't understand why he can't get down and play on the plane. It's hard for the little guy. We are spending time with the family and friends for the next little bit. We hope to see everyone.

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