Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our TN Adventure...

On Labor Day, Mason and I flew back to TN with my mom and dad. Since Heath is in South Dakota, I thought we could spend some time in TN then Heath will fly here for his weekend off. We survived the flight with Mason Man...the first flight, he wasn't happy....the second flight, he slept on Papaw's lap the whole time. I think he screamed so much the first flight, he wore his self out! My Papaw (Vestal) picked us up at the airport, and Mason went right to him. Then we get to my parent's house, and Mason sees the lawn mower. At 10:30, he was pushing the loud lawn mower all over the house. He had to check out all his toys. Then he finally went to bed. Then we started our busy week of seeing everyone. We have enjoyed seeing everyone, and Mason has enjoyed showing off. He is sleeping from 9-9 with a 3 to 4 hour nap....being cute is hard work! The next several blogs will be pictures from this trip.

At 10:30 at Memaw's and Papaws.
(The picture is blurry because he was running with the lawn mower!)
Checking out all his toys.
Then he sees the new pony.

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