Monday, September 13, 2010

TN Visit.

Mason and I have been visiting TN for a week now. I always get behind blogging while we are visiting family and friends. I don't feel like I get anything accomplished when I am out of our routine. Mason is doing so great on this trip. He has been sleeping really well at night and taking a long nap during the day. All the showing off, wears him out! Mason has done really well seeing everyone. He likes having the attention, so seeing new people doesn't bother him. So if you are reading this, and didn't know we are in town....Come See Us! We love spending time with friends and family!


Anonymous said...

We have missed you all and glad we have gotten to spend some time together this week-mason is growing up sooooo fast and is adorable- brandi, you are a terrific mom and hope my girls grow up to be like you- we love you all

Anonymous said...

Heath-hope you are enjoying south dakota, don't work to hard- we miss you and have a safe trip in.-