Friday, September 3, 2010

First Parade.

Clapping to the Band Music.
Bonner Springs, a small town near our house, had Tiblow Days. There was a parade, carnival, car show, and other events. I went with our neighbor who has a little girl Mason's age to the parade on Saturday. I thought the parade would be about 30 minutes, but it lasted for an hour. I was very impressed Mason just sat in his stroller and ate blueberries & cantaloupe the whole time. He observed every car, person, animal, etc in the parade.

First Sucker.
It was super hot, so we walked through the drive
thru at Dairy Queen for ice cream. Mason enjoyed the ice cream...
I had to take all his clothes off, change his diaper,
and spend the afternoon cleaning the stroller...
but he had fun!

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