Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staying Busy.

With Heath out of town, I am trying to stay busy to make the time go by faster. I like to do something with Mason in the mornings (whether it is an activity at home or we go somewhere) so then he takes a good nap in the afternoon...and I spend that time studying. Then we usually spend the evenings outside, Mason takes a bath, we spend time reading...then repeat the next day. I am trying to do as much as I can outside right now because I know the warm weather days will be traded for cold, snowy days soon.

Calling Daddy.
Mason likes having his own pretend phone. I can hear him just
 jabbering away like he is really talking to someone. If I put someone on speakerphone
on my phone...he doesn't say a word.
Mason likes to push toys. He likes this lion...I take Maci dog on a walk,
he takes the lion...who laughs & sings.
He enjoys our reading time. He likes the touch & feel books, and
 he likes the peek a boo books.

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