Thursday, September 30, 2010

TN Adventure...The Last Night

Talking on Grandpa's phone.
I think Mason was teaching Grandpa how to use his phone.
Papaw giving Mason his Pop Gun.
Gun or Phone...tough choice.
He went with the gun.
I love this picture....its like Mason is saying
"Don't worry Papaw, I'll scare them away."
Mason was playing with Mimi's phone.
Somehow he called Heath's phone.
Mason could hear Heath talking on the phone...
and he walks over to Heath and gets real close.
Mason was trying to figure this out.
Memaw and Aunt Traci.
Doesn't want Mimi to leave.
We enjoyed seeing everyone!
Mason enjoyed all the attention.
Now, he claps after everything he does.
 You can tell he spent a weekwith family...
 He waves at every car that passes by...then looks back
at me like why are they not paying me attention?
Thanks for coming to see Mason, Heath, and me.
We enjoy seeing everyone since we don't get that chance often!

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